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Chemical-Free Cleaning

The unique MACROfibre cloth can make the target surface both cleaner and aesthetically more pleasing than the result being a magnificent clean finish, a satisfied client and continuity for your business.

MACROpad rotary cleaning and scrubber pads can be used on virtually any hard or textured surface to produce stunning long-lasting cleaning results without compromise and with the use of just water alone.

We offer a comprehensive range of sizes and qualities to suit all commonly use cleaning and scrubbing machines with two key objectives in mind – firstly to achieve exceptional cleaning results and secondly the need to do this within the commercial constraints of your budget.

Keeping things simple

MACROfibre rotary cleaning and scrubber pads can be used on virtually any hard or textured surface that will be encountered in the commercial cleaning sector from polished granite to texture compounds and everything in-between, and because our pads both clean and polish, your operating regime could not be simpler.

Reduced environmental impact

We are proud of our eco-friendly credentials and understand our customers requirements in respect of ever increasing environmental issues in the workplace. We are committed to finding ongoing high performance cleaning solutions that have an ever reducing detrimental impact on our environment. MACROfibre rotary cleaning and scrubber pads are made from 100% recycled materials. MACROpads can be used with water alone reducing the need for harmful, toxic chemicals. At the end of their useful life, MACROpads can be returned to us and can be recycled.

Cleaning system advantages

Deeply clean floors daily, reduced total cleaning costs, environmentally friendly cleaning method, removes up to 80% more bacteria than convential methods, simple implementation and procedures used, only water is required for daily cleaning.

Where can MACROpads be used

Ceramic slabs, compound materials, granite, linoleum, natural stone, polished concrete, rubber, terrazzo, VCT, vinyle, wood etc.

The technical stuff

MACROpads are borne out of patented technology first used to develop MACROfibre. The cleaning surface of MACROfibre is made up of 100’s of thousands of tiny fibres that reach deep into the surface of the cleaning target, by using water alone (if preferred) producing exceptional results.