Don't just mask nasty odors, eliminate them!


What causes smells

Molecules! Each foul odor you smell is actually a complex bundle of molecules. They are everywhere, zipping through the air, settling where they want, lingering in your environment! And no matter how clean your space appears, a foul smelling odor will let you down!

What is Odor Eliminator

Simply put, Odor Eliminator does exactly what it says, it eliminates odors!

It hunts for the nasty stink causing molecules, encapsulates them and eliminates them, destroying the smell and removing it on contact!

It doesn’t mask the smell with a fragrance, it destroys and removes it permanently by method of oxidation which is a reaction in which the odor causing electrons are lost to the air, returning your environment back to its natural, fresh and clean state.

The science behind Odor Eliminator

In a three step process Odor Eliminator Caputres, Neutralises and Banishes wicked whiffs!

Odor Eliminator is a non-enzyme-based product which breaks down unwanted odors by oxidising and destroying the material inside the smell to remove it.

Most enzyme-based air fresheners cause allergies or may irritate baronial airways in asthma sufferers. Not OneSpray Odor Eliminator!

No allergies, no irritations – Odor Eliminator is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

When to use OneSpray

Quite simply, any time your nose detects a nasty stink, reach for Odor Eliminator and spray your way to freshness!

It is quick, safe and easy to use.

Odor Eliminator All Purpose

At work, at home – anywhere there is an unplesant odor, just use Odor Eliminator All Purpose and the problem smell will quickly disappear.

Odor Eliminator Auto

To remove lingering smells or to freshen up the vehicle interior just use Odor Eliminator Auto and your vehicle will return to its neutral, fresh state making your journey pleasant.

Odor Eliminator Pet

Our precious pets add warmth and love to our homes, but sometimes they bring smells that are not loveable! Odor Eliminator Pet will leave your environment smelling fresh and clean, and better still it will not harm your pets!