How To Use OneSpray antibacterial products powered by Zoono technology

Implementing our simple 3-step routine will help provide full protection against hidden, harmful germs that make us sick via surface contamination and skin-to-skin transfer.

Our Hand and Surface antibacterial sanitisers will help prevent the transfer of germs via skin contact and key touch point cross-contamination, keeping surfaces germ-free for longer. 

Our Germ Fogger is an antibacterial fogging mist in a can. It works the same way as a flea-bomb, let it off and then leave the room and an antibacterial mist will cover all surfaces, killing hidden harfmul germs.

Germs, bacteria, fungi, and viruses can be found anywhere in everyday life. With our broad range of antibacterial products, you can be protected at work, at play, on-the-go and in all areas of the home.

Used & trusted by companies across a range of industries including but not limited to; Manufacturing, Medicine, Child-Care, Science, Agriculture, Finance, FMCG, IT, Entertainment, Hospitality, Catering, Marine & Transport.