#BeatBacteria with OneSpray InvisaClean multi-purpose cleaner
What are bacteria
Bacteria are a type of germ. They are tiny living cells which are not visible to the naked eye and thrive in a variety of different environments. Bacteria can be found almost anywhere including inside the human body, on surfaces in the workplace, in the home and in substances such as water or food.
How does harmful bacteria spread
Harmful bacteria can spread in several ways:
  • Person-to-person contact e.g. shaking hands
  • If someone is unwell they could spread bacteria through the tiny of droplets of fluid which are released when they cough or sneeze
  • Certain bacteria can survive on items and surfaces for a number of hours – touching these surfaces will help harmful bacteria to spread
Bacteria are invisible to the naked eye, so it’s easy to forget that there are plenty of places at home and out and about, where potentially harmful bacteria might be lurking. Research has shown that the toilet bowl, kitchen drain, kitchen sponge, bathtub, and the kitchen sink rank highest for the average number of bacteria per square inch. Given the right nutrients and environment, certain bacteria can divide and multiply every 20 minutes, which explains why symptoms of illnesses often show up quickly after you have come into contact with harmful bacteria. Regular and effective cleaning, with the right cleaning products, can make a big difference in protecting yourself, family, colleagues friends and others from illness-causing bacteria.
What does InvisaClean mean
Simply put, InvisaClean destroys harmful bacteria or inhibits the ability of bacterial growth and reproduction.
Harmful bacteria are always lurking
OneSpray InvisaClean is the only cleaning solution that guarantees to keep your surfaces, touchscreens – anywhere your hands touch, free from bacteria for at least 72 hours! Using OneSpray InvisaClean can effectively protect yourself, your family, your friends and your colleagues from their effects.
Protect your business with OneSpray InvisaClean
UK Government statistics show us how damaging the spread of germs can be to your business. 34,300,000 days lost to sickness due to colds and flu* £6.1 billion lost productivity in the UK alone* You can protect both the environment and finances of your business by using OneSpray InvisaClean multi-purpose antibacterial cleaner to beat harmful bacteria in the workplace!   UK Government data 2018*


Bacteria thrive at cross contamination from one zone to another and can survive hours if left unchecked.

Food and Health Safety is one of the largest challenges facing the hospitality industry. It extends from the kitchen into the restaurant and beyond.

Illnesses can be life threatening or at the least harmful and distressing, not to mention the legal, financial and reputational cost.


Bacteria thrive where you least expect them.

People have the reasonable expectation that their shared areas are clean beyond the invisible. Leisure and exercise areas have significant traffic and hard surfaces that bacteria can leverage and spread.

This includes the locker room too, it all needs to be cleaned and protected.

Public Areas

You know where your hands have been but can you be sure of others?

Everyone has to play their part in ensuring that the appropriate steps are taken to keep screens, pads, and handrails clean and safe.

We share so many surfaces with strangers daily. You can’t cut corners!

Best for Baby

There are times when having eyes in the back of your head really would be a huge advantage! Until then little hands will keep on exploring, learning and chewing as soon as your back is turned.

Get one step ahead of the game and clean and protect with a spray that’s safe, effective and easy to use.


Showing respect and care for others is both a service and privilege.

Having a powerful antibacterial spray in your armoury is essential, it brings reassurance and protection to you, colleagues and patients.

It gives you the confidence that frees you to concentrate on delivering the high levels of care and healing that you’ve been trained to deliver.