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We are all surrounded by harmful pathogens including bacteria, viruses, mould, algae and fungi. Unless we live our lives in total isolation, we are all vulnerable to become affected by these, most likely from cross-contamination from those closest to us (family, colleagues etc.) or from the environment in which we live, work and visit.

The question is how can we protect ourselves from this exposure in a simple and effective way?

We have looked into products from all over the world that have claimed to provide protection without them having the independent evidence to justify their claims. Recognisable independent accreditations take many months of testing and retesting (and a lot of investment). Very few survive the rigorous testing required to meet internationally recognised standards.

Our partners not only promise to offer much-needed risk prevention and protection, but can also back up their claims.


Zoono is the global leader in the development of revolutionary, high performance and long lasting antimicrobial treatments for all surfaces and the skin.

Zoono protects for up to:

30 Days on treated surfaces*

24 Hours after application on the skin*

30 Textile washes*

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Zoono Microbeshield products do not replace the need for daily maintenance cleaning but treated surfaces need not use traditional chemical-based solutions to keep them clean – thereby benefiting the environment and saving you money.

Cleaning Mechanically is the highly effective process of cleaning with water and is the perfect complementary way of keeping Zoono treated surfaces clean on a daily basis.

Cleaning Mechanically is best carried out using a macro fibre cloth and OneSpray has now partnered with Dennis Rawlins & Co. to provide the perfect and most effective cleaning solution for all surfaces.

Patented MACROfibre is an innovative synthetic high-density woven material made up of thousands of fine polyester fibres. The products produce outstanding results on both hard and textured surfaces alike and can be used with water alone reducing the need for chemical solutions.

It’s good for the environment too as the cleaning surface pile of this unique fabric is manufactured entirely from 100% recycled materials.

The application of MACROfibre is simple. The surface to be cleaned should be dampened and then wiped on the target area in a circular or straight-line motion. The fibres within the body of the fabric are brush-like in nature and will loosen dirt from surfaces whilst the water holds the dirt until being rinsed out.

After rinsing, the MACROfibre cloth can be used time and again without transferring dirt from one surface to another.

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So, long-standing protection from harmful pathogens and an evolutionary way of keeping our surfaces clean on a daily basis demonstrate our commitment to make the environment safer by reducing infection and cross-contamination.


*99.99% continuous kill rate